Vinesauce Joel - BBQ Quest ( Joel's game from 2007 )01:18:53

Vinesauce Joel - BBQ Quest ( Joel's game from 2007 )

Sergant Octavus

A picture of "Sergeant Octavious"

Do you like games? Do you like Jobel? Well this Is Jobel's game.

A brief description

A group of "weridos" travel the world in search for barbecue sauce while meeting such people such as Hurbert and Sergeant Octavious.

Speedrunning community Growing slowly but surely.


  • The game has an update pending, which was confirmed as a fulfilled incentive during the Vinesauce 2015 charity stream for PCRF.
    • There are multiple unused cutscenes and characters buried in the game's files, which Joel may find use for in said update.

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