Captain Southbird
Southbird's profile picture.
Nationality Unknown
Role Youtube uploader

Captain Southbird is a Vinesauce fan who later would become part of Vinesauce's official YouTube channels, alongside Vappyvap89, who uploads Vinny's full streams. He begun uploading condensed edits of Vinesauce's Tomodachi Life streams and later would meet Vinny himself to discuss the future of his channel and his new affiliation with Vinesauce.

Nowadays, Southbird continues to upload condensed edits of Vinny's playthrough of Vinesauce's Tomodachi Life, as well some other videos related to it, as well edits to Vinny's other streams, such as his playthrough of Far Cry 4 and Final Fantasy VII. He is also the creator of Super Mario Bros. 3Mix, a Super Mario Bros. 3 romhack that combines elements of many Mario games into one, which Vinny streamed and Sonic Epoch, a Sonic game based upon the saturday morning cartoon of Sonic.

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