Emanuel Blast is a name that came to Vinny's mind the first time he introduced his audience to "manual blasting" during his corruption streams.


The term "manual blast," in reference to a ROM corrupter, means to manually alter the level of corruption rather than to auto-corrupt. It is official terminology, used in at least one of Vinny's corrupters, and although he didn't create the term he's responsible for bringing it to some level of popularity for its bizarre nature.

At some point he came to the realization that "Emanuel Blast" would be a good Twitch chat name, and shortly after he found at least three Emanuel Blasts in the chat.

During his fifth Corruption Stockpile stream he gave the character some semblance of identity, saying it reminded him of "the president of some destitute country who kicks ass with a shotgun." Because manual blasting is rarely referenced outside of his corruption streams, he never expanded on the idea but did continue to make jokes about it.


  • An artist going by "Emmanuel Blast" has uploaded 2 pieces of art to the Vinebooru, both relating to Joel. [1]
    • The first, uploaded February 10 of 2016 depicts his Skyrim Mod Madness (?) stream, during which he commits elf genocide. Source listed as "I deed eet meeself" [2]
      Emmanuel Blast Vinebooru 2-10-2016 art
    • The second, uploaded December 22 of that year is a rendition of Joel's Bob Ross painting from Mario Paint. Source listed as "me" [3]
      Emmanuel Blast Vinebooru 12-22-2016 art


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