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Grand Dad (AKA Mario 7)

Grand Dad (aka Mario 7 or 7 Grand Dad) is a Chinese ROM hack of The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy that Joel played during his Insane Mario Bootleg Games stream.


The sprite of "Grand Dad" in the title screen is taken from the Chinese game for the Famicom, albeit slightly edited. In the game, the character is not called Mario, but his name is Fortran, and you play a casino-type of game.

The predecessor to 7 Grand Dad, called "Mario 6" was likely made by a company known for pirated games called JY Company.

Subsequent popularity and meme

GiIvaSunner Dian Shi Ma Li [Mario Bootleg Games] Joel's initial reaction to the game's title screen was that of exasperation, and attempting to provide commentary he uttered the "Grand Dad" line that would become infamous. His pronunciation of the word "Flintstones" as "Fleenstones" (referring to the Flintstones theme playing) also gained popularity as a meme.

In 2016 the parody channel GiIvaSunner (with a capital I placed to resemble a lower case L) began posting videos re-purposing the audio from the stream, and in April a 7 Grand Dad page was created [1] on the Internet meme database Know Your Meme. [2]


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