Sexy Skeleton Quest is a stream by Joel messing around with Skyrim mods.


“Video games have been mastered. There is no need for more video games in the world. When you see a big bone riding a giant cock with an AK-47, you know there's no point anymore.”
Joel, 11/10 i cri everytim - IGN

Leaiiee, the sexy-Jedi-AK-47-wielding-spooky-skeleton, goes on a cannabis-induced adventure in Skyrim. After getting his non-existent genitalia sucked by a dog and getting advice from Obi-Wan Kenobi after that, he somehow acquires an AK-47. Yelling "F**K YOU FANTASY WORLD!", our skeleton hero travels to Whiterun and massacres everyone.


Vinesauce Joel - Sexy Skeleton Quest ( Crazy Skyrim Mods )07:02

Vinesauce Joel - Sexy Skeleton Quest ( Crazy Skyrim Mods )

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