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Colin Mullin (also known as 'ReverendScarecrow', 'RevScarecrow', or just 'Rev') Is the third most popular Streamer of Vinesauce, and the most well known along with Vinny and Joel. He is currently in a love/hate relationship with fellow streamer, Joel. Rev lives in Austin, Texas with his girlfriend Tilde. He went to the University of Texas. He supposably has a masters degree in art.

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  • The information on the Vinesauce contact site says "The man with the gasmask, Rev has been known to frequently end the marriage of Grace and Trip. Also, be sure to check out his art.".
  • One day in college, supposably during finals week, a crime happened on campus that put the college into lockdown. One of the students in Rev's class kept on checking on his project, putting the class, Rev, and himself in danger
  • In The Forest With Mike Part 3, Rev discusses an instance where he talked with a hate preacher that visited his college. Rev manages to have a productive conversation with the man.

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