Vinesauce Vinny - Tomodachi Life - Sponge12:29

Vinesauce Vinny - Tomodachi Life - Sponge

A vod of sponge

Being a Sponge, fuhking sucks.

—Sponge in Tomodachi Life


A history

One day Vinny was playing Mario when he realized everything was too happy, so he came up with a new character named Sponge. Before Vinny streamed Tomodachi Life, Sponge's design had a big mustache with arms that could be used to fight . When Vinny Started Streaming Tomodachi Life, he gave him a smaller mustache, which has become the norm.


You may have realized that the Mario universe is very happy. This is due to Sponge, an orange plumber(?) with an even bigger mustache than Mario or Luigi, which soaks up all the sadness in the world, making him depressed. Not helping his mood disorder is the fact that no one cares about him, even his own brothers.

Orange is a lonely color


I'm not happy.


My brothers forget me, the princess left me...


Tomodachi Life

When Sponge entered Tomodachi Life, Vinny gave him an empty apartment. Sponge liked it. Every time that Sponge tries to get a sweetheart, he is turned down. Despite this, he constantly tries to get a romantic partner.

Super Sponge Bros.

One day, Vinny got a rom from an unnamed man. The rom was a hack of Super Mario Bros., called Super Sponge Bros. The game is about Sponge going through a sad Mushroom Kingdom to save the princess by getting sad mushrooms and ninjastars. At the end of the game, the princess is already dead because Sponge was too late.


Sponge returns in Vinny's playthrough of the Miitopia demo. He is given the Cleric class, and saves Vinesauce from some butterflies. He seems to hate almost every food in the game. Vinny describes him as "cautious".


  • He is one of the more popular residents of Vineland Island. Like Mario, he has a counterpart brother, named Pretzel.
  • In one of the Tomodachi Life episodes, Sponge, Clown, and Clown Lady were hanging out. When Vinny saw them, Clown stood up, and seemed to clip in Clown Lady for a split second. Vinny interpreted this as Clown being dead, and Sponge and Clown Lady are the only two who can see him.
  • Both he and his brother are from Croaskatalia.
  • Despite being his best friend, David Bowie often uses Sponge's sadness as musical inspiration

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