The Shit Show is a segment of Vinny's that showcases the worst games he can find, often sent by viewers in bundles. This has spawned many similar segments, including Shovelware Showcase and many specialized series featuring games joined by a common element. These are typically Sunday streams.

  • Console/handheld showcase - Features the worst of the worst a particular device has to offer, i.e. Shitty Game Boy Games, Shitty iPhone Games.
  • Series showcase - Features the worst of a franchise, typically in the form of fan games dug up by one of Vinny's correspondents. The earliest instance of this was Shitty Mario Games.
    • Character showcase - Vinny has shown a trend of playing packs of fan games centered around particular characters (mainly from the Super Mario series,) such as Shitty Waluigi Games and Shitty Wario Games.

Because Vinny and the rest of the Vinesauce crew are known for delving deep into the lowest-quality gaming experiences the digital age has to offer, streams/videos are only considered part of The Shit Show when explicitly labeled by Vinny or contain the "Shitty" prefix, such as Shitty Mario Games. Entries of The Shit Show are technically collections of poor titles, so entry may be contested even if the stream/video does not meet any of the two criteria listed.

Date Thumbnail Title Part Pre-stream? Notes
Jan 5, 2015 TheShitShow1 [Vinesauce] Vinny - The Shit Show (part 1) 1 Yes First official stream of The Shit Show
Feb 2, 2015 TheShitShow2 [Vinesauce] Vinny - The Shit Show (part 2) 2 Yes Thumbnail subtitled "Game Maker Edition." Pre-stream uploaded to DailyMotion mirror by Vappyvap.