Vargskelethor (also known as Joel/Uncle Jobel) Is the second most popular Streamer of Vinesauce, and the most well known along with Vinny and Rev.


Joel visited Vinesauce around May of 2011. He was on the /v/ boards, and he saw a post which advertised Vinny's Spore stream. He decided to check It out, and the viewerbase around that time was only 50. Which of course was not bad at all, Joel was Intrigued and decided to sign up on Chatango and dropped a message on the chat, which was his first message.

"God I hope you're not one of those asshole streamers that doesn't talk to the chat". Vinny actually does respond to Joel's message, and his message came as a surprise because of course the streams Joel went on had some very bad streamers who didn't respond what so ever to the viewers. So, Joel stucked around and started to familarize himself with the viewers and the streamers. He than started to contribute by making some art and helped alot with the community Itself. He eventually became a recognized figure as he got Invited to Vinny's campfire streams and the occasional Mario Retardy stream. He also made a "total ass of himself" due to him getting drunk and making the Mario Retardy stream become Infamous.

People then started to take a liking to Joel, which to him was overwhelming. He considered it great to have a little spot on the Internet that was entertaining and have a nice enough community to treat him with such kindness.

Vinny then offered Joel the chance to be a guest streamer for the amount of contributing he did with the site, but he declined the offer. As he described himself as the "Swedish guy that would draw art, laugh and get drunk with you". He then decided to give streaming a shot, alongside Streamtrap. He started streaming around the fall of 2010, and back then his accent was much thicker and he had many funny ways of pronouncing words, such as "Winny, Wodkas, Wampires". Which grew Into a Meme of sorts In the community, his first stream of course was the 1993 hit DOOM and people quite enjoyed It enough to promote him to be a full-time member for Vinesauce. He was quite thrilled for people to be watching him stream. Joel started to stream games such as Metal Gear Solid 2 (which he turned Into as a Vineclip after, and one of the first. Which he then re-uploaded), Half-Life, GTAIV, and more.

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