Vinesauce Vinebits

VinesauceVinebits is a now-defunct secondary channel to the main Vinesauce YouTube channel. It was established August 11, 2012 [1] to host short clips that the streamers liked but ultimately didn't make the cut into highlight videos, as this was over two years before any Fullsauce channels were created.


The channel saw 20 uploads from its creation up to October 14, 2014, when a final video from Joel's Alien: Isolation stream was uploaded. [2] Because this date coincides with the creation of Vinny's Fullsauce channel being created November 6, 2014, [3] it is likely that the Vinesauce team deemed this channel unnecessary. As of March 6, 2017, it has kept over 14,000 subscribers and a grand total of 7 discussion posts. [4]

  • Vinny is featured in 7 videos, left un-credited in a Kid Icarus: Uprising highlight titled Ice Cream. [5]
  • Joel is featured in 8 videos, counting a collaboration stream with Rev, [Vinesauce] Fist Of The Corrupted Subtitles Star and [Vinesauce] AP goes to Moon. [6]
  • Fred and KY are each featured in 1 video as well as a collaboration stream of Spelunky HD. [7]
  • MentalJen and Hootey are each featured in 1 video.


  • The two videos with the highest views both feature Joel, and they are:
    • [Vinesauce] Fist Of The Corrupted Subtitles Star, 127,500 views[8]
    • [Vinesauce] Joel - Laughter of a Baby, 84,000 views [9]


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